Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Beginning, A List, And A Vow...

I've realized lately how much healing comes from writing. I've also realized lately how much I enjoy my friends' blogs. So THIS, is the natural next step. I had a blog once...a long time ago. But this will be different. This is meant for me to post upon, not for others to read. This is something to enjoy. And so, I will begin it with a list I just wrote.

These are things I greatly enjoy. These are the things that bring some alien sense of warmth that you just have to release in the form of a small sigh and a knowing smile. These are the beautiful things in life. These are reasons to get excited for times to come, and reasons to cherish the past. These are things I greatly enjoy:

-God's beauty stopping me in my tracks.
-Landing in a new city.
-Female vocalists. Especially British female vocalists.
-Deep questions.
-Lyrics by Matthew Theissen, Ben Gibbard, Greta Salpeter, Brendon Urie, John Mayer, Justin Pierre, Gary Lightbody, Sloan Anderson, and John Foreman.
-Sipping a coffee while listening.
-Making puns.
-Not understanding music.
-Heated discussions with calming resolutions.
-The night.
-Seeing God in a situation.
-Memorizing a good quote, and then telling it to a friend.
-Sitting in an arena and yelling at something. Or someone.
-Rhythmic techno beats.
-Hashing out politics.
-History. Especially Russian history.
-Seeing God in a person.
-Knowing enough of a foreign language to understand someone else.
-Conversations that go much longer into the night than they should.
-Discovering foreign culture. -People who frequent coffeeshops.
-Knowing what is happening on the other side of an ocean.
-The movie theater.
-Live music.
-Watching hockey.
-Mulling over philosophy.
-Talking to God while walking by myself. Usually out loud.
-Driving fast on mountain roads.
-Swimming in the ocean.
-Being in the Colorado mountains during a snowfall.
-Turbulence on an airplane.

This beginning is a vow to record my thoughts, musings, revelations, and inspirations for the next, undefined piece of my life...

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  1. You get the AnnaRose stamp of approval on this list ;) Not like you needed it, but I just had to say, I definitely approve. Especially talking to God out loud. Who says we have to pray in silence? Why not have a real conversation? You know?

    I dig it! and I dig the blog overall too. Best idea :)