Monday, March 12, 2012

The Road Goes Ever On and On...

So, this is what happens when I get into a little creative frenzy and have a few hours on my hands...
Maps have always been something of a passion of mine, so I've decided to physically map out some of my travels. 

This one is pretty fun.

As I visit a country, I'm filling it in with it's flag.

Makes me feel super thankful for where I've been blessed to go,

and really hungry to keep on walkin'...

Upwards and onwards, I guess,
Please kindly ignore the random line of red in Romania, the phantom Krakow location, and the (I'm really embarrassed about this) misspelled Deutschland...
Next on the list?
⃞          Jordan
⃞            Israel
⃞       Palestine
⃞     Lebanon?
⃞          Egypt?
⃞     Hungary?
⃞     Romania?
⃞     Moldova?
⃞ Transnistria?
⃞       Ukraine?

Checks, please!

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