Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Wired again. Plugged in again. Online, and in the know.
Goodness...it's a strange experience to not know what the world is up to without you.
My only source of information for the past week was a Financial times....yesterday.
It was awesome.

I spent the last week in Ireland. The land of my dreams.
I loved every minute.
Quick rundown of events now, real update later.
Tuesday - 15.9
Flew from London to Belfast. Plane was cancelled so I spent most of the day in the airport. Nothing new for me. Got some good slow down time that set the pace for what was to come. Bought a new book. Life of Pi. Loving it so far. Got to Rostrever late at night.
Wednesday - 16.9
Took in surroundings. We lived in small cottages (reminiscent of small ski cabins). I took photos and enjoyed the rolling hills of the island. (Photos are up with locations tagged) Had class in local monastery. Went into the town during the afternoon, experienced a true Irish country pub. Listened to peer-made songs and poetry at night.
Thursday - 17.9
Same routine as day before. Except! Famous Irish singer/songwriter Tommy Sands came and played only for us. In my cottage. Thing of absolute beauty. Sung loudly to the tunes I knew :)
Friday - 18.9
Excursion to the Republic. Rostrever is located in Northern Ireland, and this was our only day in the actual Republic. I soaked it all in. Visited ruins and a tomb supposedly older than the Pyramids (take that Egypt...). Toured a Dublin jail. Broke off of the main group and headed to the Guinness factory with four other lads. Had an absolute blast. Got the best view in all of Dublin. Experienced a Dublin pub, courtesy of the pub owner (he taught us how to properly drink a Guinness). Returned to Rostrever.
Saturday - 20.9
Toured Belfast. Saw a war-torn city. Experienced destructive nationalism. Saw where I would align myself politically, socially, religiously, and footballishly.... Let the horror of the Troubles sink in. Prayed for Ireland. A lot. Landed on the coast. Stepped deep into the Irish Sea. Returned to the cottages. Celebrated a friends birthday (finally figured our just how to properly make a Carbomb ;).
Sunday - 21.9
Went to church at the Benedictine Catholic Monastery up the road. Thought about that service the rest of the day.
Monday - 22.9
Packed up. Headed to Amsterdam.

That was but a taste. The first gulp of the Beautiful Black. According to Ned (our Irish pub-owner [if you're ever in Dublin, go see Ned at the Pale. He'll treat you right]), that's all the way down past the harp on the pint glass. The next five attempts will come soon :)



  1. Mmmmmmmm, Guinness, a bit jealous, I'll be honest.

  2. Ah yes! You got Life of Pi! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. I'm looking forward to reading more details, especially about Belfast and that church service.

  3. im looking up Tommy Sands right now. Reading this short snid-bit completely compels me to travel to Ireland. XOXO... ha

  4. Loved the post...I am so frickin jealous....are you trying to do that? ;)