Thursday, September 10, 2009

Please Just Take These Photos From My Hand...

Based upon the wise council of a friend, relative, and ally ;) I have put up all of my photos online! I am rebelling against the typical Facebook albums because I really don't do a lot of photos of people. But there are some cool things to see in there, I promise.

If you are looking at the albums, try using the Album Map feature. I tried to locate every picture as close to where it really is as I could.


  1. Where?
    Love, Your technologically challenged Mother!

  2. Click the link that says "Here!", and then you have to sign in with a google account. You may have to create one, my technologically challenged mother ;)

  3. Hi buddy! I had a google account and then I downloaded Picasa 3, but what name do I view your photos under? Love, TCM

    Oh, and those Rockies pulled one out in the last inning again last night against the Padres!
    Torrelba was the hero this time!

  4. So I just now have started reading the European/actual trip parts of your blog and I am absolutely loving it! So I have resolved that when I need a break from my never-ending river of homework, I am going to turn on Anberlin (or, actually, I recently got turned on to Flogging Molly) and read about your wonderful adventures! Miss you lots and so so so glad you are having such a blast!


  5. Oh Kurty Boy...We miss you at the MONT! Keep up the good work. You may have already heard, but we are doing an all campus Dodger game. We bought 250 tickets for the all you can eat section and they are playing the Rockies!

  6. Snow Patrol reference in the title?...

    We. Are. Soul friends.