Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's the Wanting to Know that Really Matters...

I'm spending a lot of time at cafés. A lot. I'm 200 pages into the book that I started when I got here, and I read through the play we saw in its entirety the day before we saw it (It was an excellent production of a hysterical and brilliant play).

So you'd think that I would have spent more time blogging, right?

It's strange, I had a good long amount of time with WiFi and a computer yesterday, but I just did NOT want to write. I'm not sure what it was, or why I felt that way. But hopefully this entry will suffice.

Since you've last heard, quite a bit has occurred. (hmm..that'd make s good song lyric)
Class began the day after we got here. It has major potential. We basically cover whatever is relevant to where we are. So the day before we went to the British Museum, we covered its history. Here! Take a look.

The Museum was incredible. And quirky. Incredibly quirky. For being the British Museum, not much of it is British. The museum prides itself on being a World museum, displaying world civilizations near each other. It's quite the place.

<-This, is THE Rosetta Stone. Yeah, THAT Rosetta Stone.

After the museum, I went off on my own to a little café between our residence and the museum to read, get some coffee (I'm finding that I should really stick to tea while I'm here, though). While reading, I watched a lot of our group meander back, trying to absorb a bit of London. Some of them recognized me, others just walked by. Then one group of women kind of jumped when they noticed me.

"Oh! Gosh! I didn't realize that was you! You fit it so well!"

Well, that was pretty much the perfect compliment. I don't want to be a tourist here. I want to be as close to European as I can, so that woman basically gave me the "Mission Accomplished".

We've also gone to the British Library. Which I found fascinating. I don't think most of the group did, because we started at their main exhibit, a tribute to Henry VIII (he's big here right now, it's a significant anniversary of his reign. And then most people left. What a waste.

I found a small little exhibit called the Treasures of the British Library. Here are the highlights (sadly, without photos, they from upon them in this part of the Library):
  • The Magna Carta
  • Original, handwritten Beatles lyrics
  • One of the oldest Codexes of the Bible
  • Tons of original Shakespeare writings
  • Original illuminated texts from every religion (including some fascinating Hindu legends)
  • Pieces of DaVinci's astronomical sketchbook
Life outside of class has been just as exciting. There's something about sitting, talking in a pub with people you don't know that's just wonderful. I've done that quite a few of the nights so far. It's too enjoyable.

Last night was spent walking around Trafalgar-Whitehall-Parliament. Which, too me, is kind of like saying "Last night was spent walking around Cape Canaveral, Central Command at Houston, and... the Moon". So, that was pretty cool, I guess. :)

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