Saturday, August 29, 2009

London Through My Eyes...

So, I was originally just going to make that last entry a photo-blog type entry. Then I got to editing my photos a bit with iPhoto, I know, nothing fancy. I might try to get my hands on something better...hmm....

Anyway, I started fooling around and realized that I lo
ved my little creations, but they were nothing like the originals, and you all would be like "gee... thanks for showing us... nothing". So, I'm putting up the edits, and some of the originals, but I'm devoting a whole entry to it...

I think this is the coolest name.

This is how London looked in 1934.

Yes, everything was taupe.

I believe that life should look like this whenever you find yourself in a place of historical significance...

This is the photo that made me decide that editing them is really an amazing thing. Here is the original:

I just love how the only real color in this picture is that deep black.
Don't swim in the Thames, kids!

Doesn't this look like something you'd see in a museum dated 1846?
Beware the Tower!

This man is either celebrating the end of a war...or Football.
The correct answer is B. I stole this from an Underground billboard.

"Look on my works, ye mighty
And despair!" - Rameses II

My little twist on possibly the coolest symbol of all time.


  1. These last two posts have been sweet! I approve of the edits... and i hope you didn't fully mean, "I want to look as European as possible." That sounds a little dangerous...

  2. Yo Mr. Walker,

    If you get a chance, hop on the Tube and check out Shepherd's Bush, in West? London. It's a cool area, on the edge of unsafe, but worth the exploration.

    Hope you are well, and look forward to seeing you around Christmas.